Assumption – Your team works Monday to Saturday (6 days per week)

Firstly – Divide your calling data into 5 even packets so you have 5 packets of fresh leads. One new packet for each calling day. You can read ‘Splitting Lists into Batches‘ to understand why.
Now follow the table below being careful to only dial each packet of data within the time periods indicated. This means that if the table shows packet 1 is to be called AM, then you only call that packet between 8am and 12 noon. Once the time period is over, you turn the packet of data off and turn on the next packets of data as per the table.


Observe the pattern taken by Packet 1. The leads in that packet will first be dialled Monday morning. Any numbers called that either had a busy tone or were unanswered, can be called again the next day in the PM (Afternoon). Should any leads from the packet still be unsuccessfully contacted, they can be called again the next day in the PM (Afternoon) just to make sure.

The rest of the numbers from Packet 1 that remain uncontacted may be dialled in the PM (Evening) on Thursday and Friday, and finally on Saturday. Using this method will help you get better daytime contacts resulting in a better start to their shift each day!

Quick tip: The best time to call on a Saturday is between 8AM to 10AM, or 6PM onwards. A household is usually either busy or empty during the afternoon, even on a Saturday!

 Seems easy, doesn’t it?

Yet many companies overlook this method! Your telemarketing team does not need to follow the exact same pattern – rather, you can change things around and see which works best for your company. Trust us – this strategy is a simple but highly effective way to make the most out of your leads!

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