Is your telemarketing team constantly in need of fresh leads?
Is the team burning up large quantities of leads without much success?
Here’s the answer!

If your team has been busy making calls yet the contact rate is low, it’s time to face facts – there is a problem. The good news however is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint what is causing it. Far too many times, leads are deemed bad even when they aren’t. In many cases, the root cause of low contact rates is actually none other than an inefficient dialler strategy.

Leads are often bought in bulk in order to reduce the cost, but this by itself should not reduce the quality. Tempting as it may be to blame the leads and keep looking for other providers, you just won’t get the contact rate you want if your strategy is not on point. Believe us – it could save you A LOT of time and money if you take a step back and think about your dialler strategy. It may be time to change it.

Making Sense of It – The Reality!

Imagine you’re a door to door salesman and you manager has just given you a list of addresses to visit. You already know that most of your prospects will be in during the evening but you can’t meet your sales target just selling during the evening. You need daytime appointments too!

So what do you do?

If you’re smart you would try visiting prospects during the morning first and then once you know they’re not available during the morning you’d try the afternoon and then lastly fall back on evening visits.

This is all fine when you’re in control of when you visit people but a dialer isn’t that smart. It only calls numbers in sequence when the list has been loaded into the dialer which means very often leads are called at the same time each day.

Imagine the conversation between a door to door salesman and his sales manager if he followed the same way leads are so often called in a dialer..

Higher Contact Rates

The same is true for your telemarketing team. Agents can keep calling a number hoping someone will pick up, but if you dial the same number at the same time every single day and no one picks up, then you’re just wasting your time. Likewise, if you’re speaking to prospects in the evening when they are also available during the day, you’re wasting valuable time as well!

Additionally, if someone picks up and tells you that your prospect won’t be home until 5 in the afternoon, would you keep calling that number before 5PM? You need to shift the time the dialer calls each number!

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