When selling home insurance the best prospects are people that are homeowners. It’s important, if given the choice, to choose homeowners rather than rented and council tenants when buying home insurance sales leads. This is why we suggest homeowner insurance sales leads.

Homeowner insurance sales leads will give you the best opportunities as homeowners are proven to be more likely to want to insure the contents of their homes. They have settled down and are building a home where they want the contents to be protected from accidental damage, theft and other occurrences.

Home contents insurance is the natural choice for homeowners!

There are two kinds of homeowner insurance leads you can buy. You can buy leads where the homeowners current insurance policy is up for renewal which is normally yearly (renewal month) or you can buy homeowner insurance sales leads where you know the name of the consumer’s current insurance company.


Pros and Cons – Homeowner Insurance Sales Leads


Renewal Month
Even though the leads you buy are normally exclusive, they are exclusive from the source you are buying from. It doesn’t mean that nobody else has the same information and isn’t selling their version of the same information to you. This means there will normally be multiple companies calling the same consumer during the same month offering the same service. It is true that the consumer is in the frame of mind to look for quotes but this one plus point in our opinion is shadowed by the amount of competition at that time.

Online Leads
The pros for this is that the consumer is avidly looking for a quote and is in ‘buying mode’. The cons are that the consumer is probably ‘savvy’ when it comes to offers and pricing as they have been avidly researching prices etc online. The other negative is that many companies have turned to online lead generation in recent years subsequently reducing the quality of leads and in many cases increasing the prices because of high demand but low availability.

Our Suggestion
Our suggestion is to buy homeowners from a reputable B2C data supplier that already have home insurance and have allowed us to capture the name of the company they are with. This allows you to contact the consumer and state that you wish to compare prices with their existing insurance company (name them). You are only pitching against one company’s prices, you don’t have tonnes of competitors all trying to sell to the same consumer during the same month and you’re not having to join the mad rush to buy renewal month data at the same time as all your competitors. We can then work on better pricing for you and increase/decrease orders as and when needed.

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