Are you suffering from high ADC outcomes or dispositions when doing outbound calls?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one and there are a few things you can check to see why it’s happening…

But first of all..

What does ADC mean?

The ADC disposition means  – Disconnected Number Auto – Carrier-received Disconnected number

If you have a high rate of ADC outcomes from your dialler, you’re either calling bad data or you’re receiving false positives.

Now you need to do some detective work..

Here’s a few things you can try, to identify the cause:

  1. Manual Verification: As a troubleshooting step, you can take a sample of the numbers flagged as “ADC” and manually dial a few of them. This can help determine if the numbers are genuinely disconnected or if it’s a false positive.
    1. If this is the cause, you need to either refresh your data by having it checked by a company for live numbers or you need to source new data to dial. Contact us today and we’ll discuss with you what is the most cost effective way to solve this.
  2. Campaign-Specific Telephony Setup: The campaign might have a unique telephony setup, carrier, or VoIP provider that’s causing these false positives. It’s worth checking if there are any known issues or if there have been any recent changes to the setup.
  3. Routing Issues: As mentioned earlier, the problem might be with the route the calls are taking . You might be routing calls through a problematic carrier or VoIP provider that’s causing these false disconnected messages.
  4. Dialler Configuration: If this campaign is the only one experiencing the issue, there might be a misconfiguration on the system. It would be beneficial to review the settings, especially those related to call outcomes and SIP error code interpretations.
  5. Rate Limiting or Blocking: The campaign might be dialling at a rate or pattern that triggers some carriers to block or limit their calls, resulting in false disconnected messages.
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