You’re sat there with an amazing product but you don’t want to take the risk buying life insurance leads again from a complete stranger. You want to know how to get life insurance leads for free!

We totally understand where you’re coming from!

We did a brainstorming session on how to get life insurance leads for free and this is what we came up with.

Firstly we found that free life insurance leads all entail some kind of work (man hours). Basically, not totally free…

We did have an ask around and couldn’t find anybody willing to give us life insurance leads for free so we decided to go focus on how to get free life insurance leads the do it yourself way!

How to get free life insurance leads, the Do It Yourself way…

We listed our top options for free life insurance leads based on the time it takes you to get them, risk involved and margin.

We started with what we could deem ‘Free’, as in, NOT paid advertising.

  • Referrals
  • Online directories / Free Ads
  • Free Social Media

Click on the below to open them up and have a read!


The very best way to get free life insurance leads is by getting referrals. Ask existing clients about other family members. You could even offer a finder’s fee if somebody signs up for life insurance from a referral (almost free).

Why not build an email list of clients and send them reminders about you? Ask them how they’re getting on with the product you offered them and also ask if they can refer a friend…

Online Directories / Free Ads

Get yourself listed in as many free online directories and free ads as possible. It will take a little time but it could lead to some free life insurance leads! As a heads up, if you find your competitors listed in the same directories don’t be put off. They may be listed there because it works for them!

Just put a little thought into how you make your listing stand out!

Free Social Media Leads

In an ideal world this is awesome! In the real world it’s a bit more difficult and can be very time consuming. One of the biggest traps here is getting hooked on how many likes and shares you’re getting every day but without getting monetary returns. It’s great to have 10,000 followers but do they pay the bills??? So how free are these life insurance leads?

When you do get followers and you are posting, you need to encourage people to interact with the post.

Ask questions…

How many boring people out there are clever enough to have a Life Insurance policy? In our books you’re heroes! – Comment Yes!

Is life insurance a necessity you’d rather pay less for? – Comment Yes / No

Use your imagination, remember people like interacting with informative information and fun stuff. Don’t just keep posting boring ‘Buy life insurance now’ and hoping for the best.

You also need to bear in mind that when somebody does like a post you’ve put out there, how are you supposed to communicate with them?

We’ve all seen admins writing “please pm me for details

Do you start trying to pitch them in the comments section? Look them up and try and become friends so you can message them? What’s your strategy??

Rather than focusing on how to find free life insurance leads…

why not focus on buying leads That Make You Money!

When we talk to prospective clients that want to buy leads from us, we don’t focus on price but focus on how we can make their sales process profitable.

The first thing we’re clear about is that every second they spend looking for ‘FREE leads’ or ‘CHEAP leads’ is time they could have been using selling. We’re here to save you time!

Next, we all need to understand what costs are involved for you, the client, how many sales do you need to achieve each day/week per sales person and at what cost.

Time is money, it’s great to have leads coming through that give you 100% profit but if you just get one per week, are you really earning to your full potential?

The whole thing is a mathematical equation, some leads cost more but convert higher and some cost less and convert lower. Sometimes, it’s the other way around and that’s a big problem!

Next, choices…

It’s hard work finding decent life insurance lead sources but ideally you need to have a number of relationships in place so you can switch around where you’re buying from and what you’re buying. You also need somebody to analyze what is and isn’t working for you and why.

We buy from multiple sources and part of our service is to analyze what is and isn’t working. Our relationships are all in place so it’s easy for us to switch things around.

We don’t charge extra consultancy fees and we keep things very simple because we know that if we can make your sales activity profitable, you’ll grow with us. If we can’t deliver the goods, you’ll just stop buying from us…


Why not try us out and see if we can give you a better solution than Free Life Insurance Leads!

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