When buying life insurance leads you not only need to fully understand the benefits of your product but you also need to understand the profile of your customers.

Why would they buy life insurance?

What’s the biggest benefit to them?

 If you’re in the position of needing to buy life insurance leads, you’ll need to communicate with the vendor what kind of leads you need. Tell them which leads are going to give you the best chance of closing those sales!

You can look for customers who don’t already have life insurance but are looking for life insurance. These kind of life insurance leads are good to call but you have to understand that the prospect will most likely be actively getting quotes so there will be a lot of competition to close that sale.

You could buy life insurance sales leads of people that have been profiled as a good opportunity for you but haven’t shown any interest. These leads are cheaper but how do you start the initial sales call… ‘Hi, I was wondering if you’d like a life insurance quote…?’ Very hit or miss plus you’ll find yourself in the position where many prospects have to make TWO decisions, one, do they really need life insurance, two, how much should they spend.

Our thoughts on Life Insurance Leads…

There are a couple of data/lead sets that work very well when selling life insurance but you need to have the correct opening script and also understand why the prospect is ideal.

We help many life insurance companies find the best life insurance leads for their team. It’s not always a 5 second job because we need to understand how each sales team sells their product and then not only supply them the right life insurance leads but also help them with the opening script.

This is where the normal service of a data broker goes out the window and true consultative approach wins hands down.

If you’re looking to buy life insurance leads from a company that will actively work with you, stop what you’re doing and call us!

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