• Reliable deliveries daily to keep you on target
  • Prospects that meet your criteria to keep you selling
  • Faster sales to keep your profits growing!

Axowa works with a network of partners conducting over 100,000 telephone surveys every month. Our centralised quality assurance team ensures that even though we produce high volumes, we also produce high quality!

How Telephone Survey Lead Generation works:

  • We agree the profile of your ideal customer with you.
  • We work out a question or series of questions to ask in the telephone lead generation survey that will determine if the customer meets your profile needs.
  • We add your question to one of our partnered telephone lead generation surveys and start asking your sponsored question to thousands of people each day.
  • We put any leads produced through our on-site and off-site quality assurance processes.
  • We deliver your leads daily, early in the morning.
  • You make more sales!

Our Telephone Lead Generation will increase your productivity and improve your team’s sales!

Tips in contacting telephone leads:

  • Learn how to pronounce the name of your contact. It might seem like such an obvious thing to do but it’s so easy to overlook! It is easy for contacts to get turned off and offended when someone mispronounces their name, and BAM, you lose the sale.
  • Use scripts. Others may brag that their calls are unscripted, but there’s no shame in using scripts for your calls! They help you clearly articulate your intentions and prevent dead air. Just remember to mix it up a bit, as potential clients will become more engaged in the call when the conversation flows naturally, even for a telephone survey.
  • Prepare for objections. Some people won’t directly say no, but will state reasons not to buy. They need time to make a decision. This doesn’t mean they aren’t warming up to the idea of buying from you – just prepare your counter-argument for any objection they might have to validate their need.
  • Make your clients feel good. Speaking of validation, everyone’s favourite topic is themselves. Never forget to ask prospects how they’re doing and empathize with them to gain a sense of familiarity.
  • Buy leads from reliable sources. The best way to quickly and directly contact hot prospects is to have someone else filter them out for you!

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