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Why Our B2B Email Lists?

We’re proud to offer UK B2B email lists from reliable and compliant sources we know and trust. Our priority is to provide you with a top rate email lists delivers results!

High Delivery Rate
Low Bounce Rates
Budget Friendly
Easy to Order

We know that getting the best open rate possible is crucial to success in any email campaign. That’s why we specialize in providing highly targeted B2B email lists from databases we trust and haven’t been over marketed.

With our knowledge and experience, we can help you choose the best business email databases for you. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or simply want to expand your customer base, we can turn an average campaign into a roaring success.

So, if you’re ready to take your email marketing to the next level, contact us today! 

B2B email lists UK

Targeted UK B2B Email Lists

Let’s start with the basics. Our four simple profiling questions below will help us determine your target audience, but we’re happy to brainstorm with you to get it right!

Targeted B2B Leads
  1. What area of the country are you targeting?
  2. What kind of industries or market sectors buy from you?
  3. Does the number of employees or turnover matter to you?
  4. What’s the best type of job role to target in the company?

Understanding your target audience is key to an effective marketing strategy. We’ll tailor our approach to make sure we smash your campaign’s goals!

This will get you more opens and an increased click through rate. Which, ultimately, will get you higher conversions!

How do I order?

When you’re ready to discuss what kind of business email data you feel is best for you, just send us a message or give us a call.

How do you work?

Axowa is a data broker with access to many different types of business-to-business email databases in the UK and around the world.

We’ve seen so many clients struggle when they try to purchase UK business email lists directly from owners themselves. Spending time finding sources, negotiating prices and agreeing to minimum order sizes just to end up with B2B email data that doesn’t work for them.

We offer a different approach. Thanks to our existing relationships, we can provide A/B testing at reasonable prices, making it much simpler and more cost-effective to test different data sets. We also have the expertise to know which UK business email lists are most likely to perform best for different marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for a confident and efficient way to access high quality UK B2B email lists, you’re in the right place. Our experienced team is ready to help you get the data you need to succeed.

Are your UK B2B Email Lists compliant?

When we buy B2B email lists, we always buy them from reputable sources that understand the importance of being able to demonstrate how their business email database was collected compliantly.

Can I try some B2B email data for free?

We offer business email lists for sale but NOT FREE business email data…

How do I make sure I don’t buy business emails I already have?

If you don’t want to buy business email addresses that you already have, it’s quite easy. All you need to do is give us a list of all the business emails you have and then we’ll use it to suppress against.

It’s best to give us this list when we are doing counts for you so you can get a realistic feel of how much email data is available for you.


Our business email databases have a whole wealth of information available but as standard you will get:

– Company name
– Contact person
Business address

Many of our clients also ask for the telephone number as well because they like emailing the contacts and then following up with a call too.

If you require other information, just let us know about it and we’ll see what’s available!


From our B2B email data we will be able to give you email addresses for many different types of business roles and decision makers such as:

– Business owner
CEO / Managing Director
– Facilities
– Finance
– Fleet
– HR
– IT
– Marketing
– Sales
– Purchasing
and many more…

It’s always best to have a chat with us so we can discuss what we feel will work best and what opportunities are available.


We cover nearly every kind of business sector available and then even more! This is where we really do need to get a better understanding of your product and what type of business will benefit from it so we can better advise what sector headings those businesses are grouped under.

Some of our most popular email lists are:

– Accountants
– Architects
– Care homes
– Construction
– Dentist
– Engineering
– Estate Agents
– Hotels
– Manufacturing
– Restaurants
– Retailers
– Public sector

There are so many more industries to choose from!


Our aim is to NOT include most generic email addresses in the B2B email data you buy from us, unless, you ask for them…

A generic email address is an email that starts with a job function and not a name like:




Yes, we can source international B2B email data for most main countries such as:

– Canada
– Australia
– New Zealand
– Europe
– Asia
– Plus, more…

Just have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can do!

Lots of decision maker lists you can choose from!









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