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Why Choose Our UK Directors Contact Lists?

Looking for a reliable source of UK company Directors email addresses, list or databases to grow your business? Our premium Director lists and emails are precisely what you need to take your business to the next level.

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Our meticulously selected databases are specifically designed to deliver outstanding results for sales and marketing campaigns. We understand the importance of accurate data, which is why we take great care in sourcing our information from GDPR compliant, reliable and trustworthy providers.

Our Directors marketing lists are carefully selected and tailored to your needs. With our UK Directors email addresses and lists, you can be sure that you’re reaching out to the right people who are more likely to convert. Don’t settle for anything less!


Targeted Company Directors Marketing Lists


When buying your contact list, you will be able to target your list using the below filters as a minimum:

Industry sector
Number of employees
Company turnover

What does a record on our company directors List contain?

Contact name
Company name
Full postal address
Direct email address
Telephone number

All telephone numbers will be both CTPS and TPS cleansed before the file is made available to you. If you have specified on your order that you will be sending the business owners direct post, we will also MPS check the addresses too.


A Few Tips and Product Ideas

Here are a few tips on how to contact your company directors email addresses and lists you buy from us. We’ve even given a list of some products and services different types of directors are responsible for buying!

When you’re looking for company directors email addresses, you will need to decide which type of director you need to target:

  1. Managing Director: The highest-ranking director who is responsible for the overall performance of the company and making key strategic decisions.
  1. Operations Director: In charge of the day-to-day operations of the business and responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
  1. Finance Director: Responsible for overseeing the company’s finances, managing budgets, and ensuring that financial goals are met.
  1. Sales Director: Responsible for developing and implementing the company’s sales strategy to achieve revenue targets.
  1. Marketing Director: In charge of the company’s marketing efforts, including branding, advertising, and promotions.
  1. Technical Director: Responsible for overseeing the company’s technical operations, including research and development, IT, and engineering.
  1. Human Resources Director: Responsible for managing the company’s workforce, including recruitment, training, and employee relations.
  1. Legal Director: In charge of the company’s legal affairs, including compliance, contracts, and disputes.
  1. Creative Director: Responsible for the company’s creative direction, including product design, branding, and visual identity.
  1. Purchasing Director: Responsible for managing the company’s procurement process, negotiating contracts with suppliers, and ensuring that the company receives the best value for its purchases.
  1. Fleet Director: Responsible for managing the company’s fleet of vehicles, including purchasing and maintaining vehicles, managing drivers, and ensuring that the company’s transportation needs are met.

Our clients choose our company directors email addresses for many different products and services. We’ve given a few examples below:

  1. Office Supplies: Including pens, paper, and other essential stationery. Best to email the Purchasing Director.
  2. IT Hardware and Software: Including computers, servers, and software licenses. Contact the IT Director.
  3. Business Insurance: Including general liability insurance, property insurance, and cyber liability insurance. Best to email the Finance Director.
  4. Marketing Services: Including advertising, graphic design, and social media management. Contact the Marketing Director.
  5. Web Hosting and Domain Services: Including website hosting and domain registration. Best to email the IT Director.
  6. Business Travel Services: Including airline tickets, hotel reservations, and car rentals. Contact the Operations Director.
  7. Office Furniture: Including desks, chairs, and storage solutions. Best to email the Purchasing Director.
  8. Business Printing Services: Including business cards, brochures, and flyers. Contact the Marketing Director.
  9. Employee Benefits: Including health insurance, retirement plans, and vacation time. Best to email the Human Resources Director.
  10. Telecommunications Services: Including phone systems, internet service, and mobile plans. Contact the IT Director.
  11. Training and Development Services: Including seminars, workshops, and online courses. Best to email the Human Resources Director.
  12. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: Including financial reporting and tax preparation. Contact the Finance Director.
  13. Legal Services: Including contracts, disputes, and compliance. Best to email the Legal Director.
  14. Fleet Management Services: Including vehicle maintenance and repair. Contact the Fleet Director.
  15. Cleaning and Janitorial Services: Including office cleaning and maintenance. Best to email the Operations Director.
  16. Security Services: Including physical security and cybersecurity. Contact the IT Director.
  17. Catering Services: Including corporate events and meetings. Best to email the Operations Director.
  18. Human Resources Consulting Services: Including employee relations and performance management. Contact the HR Director.
  19. Energy and Utilities Services: Including electricity, gas, and water. Best to email the Operations Director.
  20. Health and Safety Services: Including workplace safety and regulatory compliance. Contact the Operations Director.
  1. Research the company and the director:
    Before reaching out to a company director, it’s important to do your research. Learn as much as you can about the company and the director you’re targeting, including their role, responsibilities, and current business needs. You can get their email address and contact details from us.
  2. Identify their pain points:
    Understanding a director’s pain points can help you position your product or service as a solution to their problems. Consider the challenges they may be facing in their role, and how your product or service can help them overcome those obstacles.
  3. Show the value:
    Demonstrating the value of your product or service is key to convincing a director to buy from you. Clearly communicate the benefits of your product or service and how it can help the company achieve its goals.
  4. Provide social proof:
    Testimonials, case studies, and other forms of social proof can help build credibility and trust with company directors. Use real-world examples of how your product or service has helped other companies in similar situations.
  5. Offer a free trial or demo:
    Providing a free trial or demo can give company directors a hands-on experience with your product or service, making it easier for them to make a purchasing decision.
  6. Tailor your approach:
    Different types of company directors may have different preferences and decision-making processes. Tailor your approach to the director you’re targeting, taking into account their communication style, priorities, and preferred methods of contact.
  7. Follow up:
    Don’t be afraid to follow up with company directors who have shown interest in your product or service. A friendly reminder or additional information may be all that’s needed to close the deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

When you’re ready to discuss what kind of targeted company directors marketing lists  you feel are best for you, just send us a message or give us a call.

How do you work?

As a data broker, we have the expertise and resources to provide access to multiple business databases and B2B lead generation specialists in the UK and beyond.

We understand that buying B2B data lists directly from owners can be a time-consuming process, involving negotiation of prices and minimum order sizes.

As an established data broker we already have established relationships with multiple business database owners, so we can offer A/B testing at reasonable prices, saving you time and money. Plus, we’ve done the research to know which business decision makers databases are more likely to perform best for different marketing campaigns.

B2B Email Lists
B2B Telemarketing Lists
B2B Mailing Lists

Our comprehensive understanding of the data market sets us apart from other providers. We’re confident that our approach will help you achieve better results in less time.

Are your UK business owner contact lists compliant?

When we buy B2B data lists, we always buy them from reputable sources that understand the importance of being able to demonstrate how their business database was collected compliantly.

Can I try some company directors leads for free?

You can purchase company directors leads from us, but they’re NOT for FREE…

What kind of industries do you have business contact details for?

We cover nearly every kind of business sector available and then even more! This is where we really do need to get a better understanding of your product and what type of business will benefit from it so we can better advise what sector headings those businesses are grouped under.

Some of our most Industry lists are:

– Accountants
– Architects
– Care homes
– Construction
– Dentist
– Engineering
– Estate Agents
– Hotels
– Manufacturing
– Restaurants
– Retailers
– Public sector

The choice really is very large!

Do you have international Business databases too?

Yes, we can source international B2B data for most main countries such as:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Plus, more…

Just have a chat with us and we’ll see what we can do!

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