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Our carefully compiled emails, data, and leads are just right for campaigns targeting Operations Directors and Operations Managers. Because we fully understand the importance of accurate data, we only deal with information gathered from top tier reputable databases.

Operations Directors email lists and Operations Managers contact lists specially tailored to suit your needs covering a multitude of different industry sectors!


Targeted Operations Directors Marketing Lists


When buying your Operations Directors Email Addresses for uk companies, you will be able to target your list using the below filters as a minimum:

• Industry sector
• Number of employees
• Company turnover

What does a record on our Operations Director Email List contain?

• Operations Director’s Contact name
• Company name
• Full postal address
• Operations Director’s Direct email address
• Operations Director’s Telephone number

All telephone numbers will be both CTPS and TPS cleansed before the file is made available to you. If you’ve specified on your order that you will be sending the Operations Directors direct post, we will also MPS check the addresses too.


The Operations Director’s Role (Head of Operations)

An Operations Director plays a crucial role in a company, steering its daily functions towards efficiency and profitability. They strategize, manage and monitor operational activities, including production, logistics, quality control, and human resources, aligning them with the company’s objectives.

By analyzing performance data, they identify areas for improvement and implement operational policies that boost productivity. Their leadership guides teams, fosters a positive work environment, and ensures operational excellence.

They are instrumental in risk management, budgeting, and forecasting, driving the company’s overall growth and success.

When building our Head of Operations database we take into consideration the different titles companies use for this role. Below are a few other titles given to the head of Operations in companies.

Operations Manager
They oversee the day-to-day operations in smaller companies or a department in larger organizations, ensuring smooth workflow and productivity. 

Head of Operations
This role involves spearheading all operational activities, typically within a specific department or the entire organization, to drive operational efficiency and business growth. 

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
In corporations, the COO is the senior executive responsible for managing the company’s operational functions, shaping strategic plans, and executing them. 

Operations Director
In mid-size to large companies, the Operations Director designs and implements business strategies, focusing on improving operational processes and enhancing productivity. 

General Manager (Operations)
This role involves overseeing all operational aspects of a business unit, driving performance, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Being able to email the Head of Operations, be it the Operations Director or Operations Manager, gets you to the main decision maker for Operations straight away. If they are interested in the service or product you’re marketing, they will either liaise with you directly or refer you to the relevant department head. Either way, you’ll be taking steps in the right direction! This is why it’s so important to have access to an accurate email list of Operations Directors and Operations Managers.

What Products Do Operations Directors Buy?

Operations Directors & Operations Managers can be approached by email for a myriad of different products. Ultimately they’re normally responsible for the whole companies Operations solutions so they have an interest in anything that makes the company run smoother from an operations point of view!

  1. Project Management Software: Streamlines project planning, tracking, and reporting, promoting efficient collaboration and productivity.
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System: Consolidates business processes for real-time data tracking, facilitating informed decision-making.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Assists in managing customer interactions and relationships, enhancing customer service and retention.
  4. Business Intelligence Tools: Supports data-driven decisions by offering detailed insights into company operations and market trends.
  5. Communication Tools: Enables seamless team interaction and collaboration, supporting remote work and global teams.
  6. Human Resources Management System (HRMS): Simplifies HR tasks such as payroll, recruitment, and employee performance management.
  7. Quality Control Equipment: Essential for maintaining product/service quality standards, ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction.
  8. Cybersecurity Solutions: Protects sensitive business information from cyber threats, ensuring business continuity and trust.
  9. Office Supplies: Basic tools like stationery, printers, and office furniture, necessary for daily operations.
  10. Inventory Management Software: Streamlines inventory tracking and control, preventing overstocking or stock-outs and improving cash flow.
  11. Training Programs: Essential for staff development, enhancing skills and productivity.
  12. Time Tracking Software: Provides insights into how time is spent, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  13. Cloud Storage Services: Offers secure, scalable data storage solutions, enabling easy data access and collaboration.
  14. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Software: Optimizes the movement of goods, reducing costs and ensuring timely deliveries.
  15. Document Management System: Streamlines document storage, retrieval, and sharing, promoting efficient information management.

When you’re sending the Operations Director an email about your product or service, make sure you highlight how they will benefit from it and what specific pain points you can help with. Heads of Operations deal in the language of ‘solutions’, so give them solutions not just features..

Don’t forget, we have great IT Directors email lists you can use for your email database!

IT Operations Email Addresses for UK Companies

In the UK, the most convenient way to get a comprehensive Operations Directors Email List is through a reliable data broker like Axowa. This option offers several key benefits, including time and resource savings, list accuracy, completeness, and adherence to the UK’s strict data protection regulations.

Keeping Your Lists Current
The effectiveness of an Operations Managers Email List is naturally linked to its relevance and how current it is. With frequent shifts in leadership positions, industry dynamics, and email address validity, regular updates are key to maintaining a high-quality Operations Director email database.

The Email
Possessing an Operations Director Email List is just the starting point. Crafting compelling emails that capture the attention of busy Operations Directors is a challenge that requires a careful balance of personalisation, conciseness, and value-adding content. Make sure you put thought into the emails you send and make every single one count!

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As a data broker, we have the expertise and resources to provide access to multiple business databases and B2B lead generation specialists in the UK and beyond.

We understand that buying B2B data lists directly from owners can be a time-consuming process, involving negotiation of prices and minimum order sizes.

As an established data broker we already have established relationships with multiple business database owners, so we can offer A/B testing at reasonable prices, saving you time and money. Plus, we’ve done the research to know which business decision makers databases are more likely to perform best for different marketing campaigns.

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When we buy B2B data lists, we always buy them from reputable sources that understand the importance of being able to demonstrate how their business database was collected compliantly.

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You can purchase Operations Directors email addresses from us, but they’re NOT for FREE…

What kind of industries do you have business contact details for?

We cover nearly every kind of business sector available and then even more! This is where we really do need to get a better understanding of your product and what type of business will benefit from it so we can better advise what sector headings those businesses are grouped under.

Some of our most Industry lists are:

– Accountants
– Architects
– Care homes
– Construction
– Dentist
– Engineering
– Estate Agents
– Hotels
– Manufacturing
– Restaurants
– Retailers
– Public sector

The choice really is very large!

Do you have international Business databases too?

Yes, we can source international B2B data for most main countries such as:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Plus, more…

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