Increase Contact Rates

A Guide for Higher Contact Rates (Series – 1/3)

Is your telemarketing team constantly in need of fresh leads? Is the team burning up large quantities of leads without much success? Here’s the answer! If your team has been busy making calls yet the contact rate is low, it’s time to face

How to Get Good Contact Rates All Day (Series – 3/3)

Assumption – Your team works Monday to Saturday (6 days per week)   Firstly – Divide your calling data into 5 even packets so you have 5 packets of fresh leads. One new packet for each calling day. You can read ‘Splitting Lists into Ba

Dialler Strategy – Splitting Lists into Batches

Dialler Strategy 101 & Lead Management - Step 1 - Split your list of leads into smaller randomly sorted batches to get increased contact rates throughout the day!

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