– Save time by only speaking to people who CAN buy your product.

– Cut costs by only speaking to people who WANT to buy your product

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– Earn more by only speaking to people who WILL buy your product

When you buy hotkey leads, it is our job to deliver prequalified prospects that are interested in your service or product and are willing and waiting to speak to one of your team members immediately!

How Hotkey Leads work:

  • We agree the criteria you are looking for.
  • We train our team about your services or product so they have enough information to interest a customer.
  • Our team makes outbound calls to our in-house profiled data. They explain the purpose of the call. Check that the prospects meet the agreed criteria and are interested in your product or service.
  • We then explain to the prospect that we are going to transfer the call through to one of your team via a hotkey. At this point the customer needs to agree that they are available to take matters further.
  • We call your team and share the prospect’s details with your team member. We create a conference call scenario, introduce the prospect and then leave the call so your team member can talk to the prospect privately.
  • Your team member continues with the sales call…

Hotkey Leads are a proven method to increase your productivity and ROI!

Tips for Hotkey Leads:

  • It’s important to firstly check the quality of the lines when transferring calls between the hotkey vendor and yourselves. There is nothing worse than having bad lines when trying to talk to a prospective customer.
  • Make sure there is easy communication throughout the day with the hotkey team so you can better manage quiet times and busy times. If possible you should synchronise your team’s breaks with the hotkey team’s breaks so there is less wastage of hotkey leads coming through.

At Axowa, we have many years’ worth of experience successfully managing hotkey lead campaigns!

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