Life Insurance Hotkeys Via Live Transfers

Our life insurance hotkeys put an end to you sitting around waiting for the odd telephone call to come in or wasting your valuable time making hundreds of calls each day prospecting.

Our teams will be spending their time prospecting on your behalf looking for people that qualify for a life insurance review and quote. Once we have the prospect’s details and agreement for a quote, we’ll live transfer them to you as a qualified life insurance hotkey.

It’s far better to be quoting all day!

More Quotes = More Sales

Use the information transferred to you to check if the prospect’s current policy fully covers any lifestyle changes they’ve had since taking it out and then complete the quote.

It makes selling so much easier!

Risk Free

Our Guarantee
If any of the prospects we  live transfer to you, don’t meet the agreed criteria, we’ll refund you for that life insurance hotkey. See FAQs for details.

Criteria for Life Insurance Live Transfers

Before we hotkey the prospect to you, we would have collected the below information from them and made sure they qualify as per the criteria we have agreed with you.

• Name, Address, Tel No & age.
• Already has a policy – Must be Yes.
• Current provider name supplied
• Current monthly payment amount supplied
• How long they’ve had their current policy
• When they last had their policy reviewed
• Any medical conditions
• Decision maker must be the person being spoken to.

Our life insurance hotkey teams have been doing this successfully for years. They know which data to call and which scripts give the best results. Our focus isn’t just on making as many life insurance hotkeys as possible per day, we fully understand you need the life insurance hotkeys to convert!

When you speak to one of our team, they’ll be able to advise which criteria works best and let you know how quick we can book your life insurance hotkeys in the system to start.

Almost time to place your order!

Take a look at some FAQs

How do I order?

When you’re ready to order, just send us a message via this site or call us!

What do I need to supply to you?

When you book your life insurance hotkeys with us you will need to supply and inbound landline number and be able to access Google Docs. It’s easy to open a free Google Docs account.

What affects the price?

We have set criteria that we will share with you. If you want to make changes to the set criteria, it may affect pricing but we’re always open to talk about this.

Everything we do is fully documented so it’s easy to understand and is a great place to start a conversation!

Can I try some Free life insurance hotkeys?

We don’t offer free life insurance hotkeys.

Are you compliant?

Yes, we do follow the rules and have an ico registration too.

Contact us today!

We're here to answer all your questions and share our experience & knowledge.

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