– Spend time wisely marketing to the right prospects

– Get the edge over your competitors with accurate lists

– Improve productivity with marketing lists that perform

– Great Marketing Lists = Higher Sales!

At Axowa, we understand the full sales process and the buying psyche of customers because of our personal experience in running and owning marketing campaigns around the world. It’s this first-hand experience that often gives our solutions the edge!

When buying marketing lists you need to be sure that you’re getting what you need. If you’re buying marketing lists for telemarketing it needs to have a high contact rate, opt-ins that make sense and be profiled in such a way that you’re only contacting your target market.

How are our marketing lists collated?

We collate the marketing lists we sell via live telephone surveys and also via trusted data houses:

  • Telephone Survey
    The data we collect via telephone surveys has many benefits for our telemarketing clients as we know the marketing lists are susceptible to discussions over the phone, the contact rates are good and each individual in the marketing list has personally answered questions relating to the marketing list you are buying so the accuracy is excellent!
  • Data Houses
    The data houses we buy from are data aggregators that many high end marketing agencies also frequently buy from. Their data is collected via online and offline methods. Our relationship with these companies have been in place for years and we have complete confidence in the data we resell from them.

Our marketing lists we have available either have compliant opt-ins for third party marketing or we can arrange for the data to be TPS/MPS/CTPS scrubbed before you purchase it.

Whether you are looking for a marketing list to make calls to or send direct mailings to, we are confident we can find a solution that fits your budget!

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