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Axowa is a sales lead & data broker which means we focus 100% on buying and selling sales leads. We have access to countless lead sources throughout the world and we know what works and doesn’t work!

When you use our services, you save time and step into a different world where we can mix leads from different sources to make sure you get the very best Marketing Lists to market!

One of our USP’s is that our lead sources deal with us on a daily basis where we share feedback and best practices on a wide portfolio of verticals. These relationships helps us get you the best rates on marketing lists that perform.

You can either buy Fresh Leads which have been generated for you or buy Data from one of our many databases.

Below are just a few of the different sales lead options and marketing lists available!

Home Owner Sales Leads & Marketing Lists

Our home owner leads work exceptionally well with very good feedback from long term clients buying them week on week. At a minimum you can choose your targeted age range, area of the country and whether you want landline numbers or mobile numbers.

We get great feedback on these leads from a number of different clients covering warranties, life insurance, health insurance, funeral planning and many more!

Some ideas for profiling your lists

  • Age of Respondent
  • Employment Status
  • Residential Status – Home Owner, Rent, Council Tenant or Lives with parents
  • Smoker or Non-smoker
  • Wears Glasses or Contact Lenses
  • On benefits – Type of benefit
  • Number of children – Age of children
  • Type of newspaper read

Charity & Donations Sales Leads

Which charities the prospect is interested in or which ones are close to their heart. Do they already make charitable donations or have they in the past.

Energy Sales Leads / Utility Switching Data

Information about the prospect’s current gas and electric supplier, how they pay their bills and are they currently in a fixed term contract.

Funeral Planning Leads

Firstly we need to make sure the prospect doesn’t already have a funeral plan and then the ideal candidate is somebody who feels a funeral plan would bring peace of mind to them and their family.

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Holiday Sales Leads

These kind of leads can be used for a multitude of different products as the information gives a valuable insight into the individual. A great way to profile customers and build a winning marketing list!

Amount spent on main annual holiday each year, Self-Catering / Full Board / Half Board, Destination most visited, Likes going on cruises, Timeshare Owner, Previous Timeshare Owner, Attended Timeshare Presentation, How do you book your holiday? Online / Travel Agent etc…

Home Improvement Sales Leads

Home improvements is a huge marketplace and our sales leads focus more on information as to what the consumer already has and is therefore likely to need.

Conservatories, Patio, Garage, Cavity Wall Insulation, Solar Panels, UPVC, Loft Insulation, Age of Boiler, etc.

Insurance Sales Leads

Insurance Sales leads which work best for insurance sales, either profiled so the consumer is the best fit for your product or insurance sales leads with information like renewal month or current insurance company name.

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Investment Sales Leads

Consumers who currently have investments, take part in FOREX trading, have shares or are likely to have expendable income.

Mobility / Comfort Improvement Sales Leads

Consumers who could benefit from comfort improvement products because they suffer from limited mobility, arthritis, back pain, trouble sleeping etc.

Loan & Mortgage Sales Leads

Consumers who would benefit from lending advice or have shown an interest in some form of loan requirement. This may be because they have a Pay Day loan they want to settle or would benefit from a secured loan, unsecured loan or re-mortgage quotation.

Telecoms Sales Leads

Which provider are they with, when is there current contract up for renewal, how long have they been with their current supplier.

  • Landline Telephone
  • Broadband
  • Mobile

Warranty Insurance Sales Leads / Repair Services

These sales leads confirm the consumer has the item and in most cases the brand and age of the unit.

  • Satellite Dish / Sky
  • White Goods – Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Dryer, etc.
  • Television
  • Oven
  • Computer
  • Boiler / Central Heating

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Will and Testament Leads

Consumers who would benefit from a will or already have a will that hasn’t been updated recently.

Plus much, much more…

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