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We’ve spent a long-time fine tuning how we generate our investor leads. Thankfully we’ve had great feedback from our clients and they’re enjoying great success!

We have high volumes available that are accurate and at a reasonable price!

Our Investment sales leads have been successfully tried and tested by many companies resulting in them securing a high volume of new investor clients.



Aged Data

UK Investment Leads

This popular set of telephone survey investor leads allows you to start your telemarketing activity with confidence!

Spend your time wisely by talking to people who fit your criteria by knowing that they either already have investments, have cash available or are actively looking to make a new investment.

✅ Accurate
✅ Cost effective
✅ Easy to order & receive
✅ Scalable quantities for when you grow!

Our investor leads are a great way to Invest in Your Sales Activity!

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Once you’ve chosen the best type of lead set for you to buy, you just need to decide if you want first use or want to buy  telephone survey data as tier 1 or tier 2 sales leads.

First Usage
UK investor leads where the consumer has recently confirmed their information as per our telephone survey choice. The sales lead is classed first use as it wouldn’t have been sold since the consumer confirmed their information. First use investment leads are normally generated for particular clients that wish to sponsor the investor question.

Tier 1 – Investor Marketing Lists
Investor sales leads collected within the last 6 months that haven’t been sold for a certain period of time. This is normally a mix of unsold first use investment leads and second use data.

Tier 2 – Investor Marketing Lists
Investor sales leads collected within the last 7 to 12 months which haven’t been sold for a certain period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

When you’re ready to order, just send us a message via this site or call us!

What do I need to supply to you?

When you buy our UK Investment leads, it’s important to give us a list of all the telephone numbers you don’t want to purchase. We call this a suppression file.

You should include data you are currently contacting, your current customers, cancelled customers and any customers on your do not call list. We’ll make sure that the investor sales leads you receive from us don’t overlap with your suppression file.

What affects the price?

The price per sales lead can increase if you choose  a different criteria that we already run for our clients. This is something that can be discussed.

Can I try some Free leads?

We don’t offer free leads to try out.

Are you compliant?

Yes, we do follow the rules and have an ico registration too.

Do you sell other kinds of leads?

Yes, we sell all kinds of leads!.

Just send us a message telling us what your looking for.

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