If you’re looking to buy any kind of Warranty Leads or Data, you’re in the right place!

Warranty Leads are one of our most successful product ranges!

Accurate Sales leads that get you results.

High contact rates to keep you selling.

Reliable deliveries you can trust.

Millions available annually!

Our database consists of many different kinds of warranty leads where consumers have answered positively to very simple questions allowing them to be profiled in such a way where they are ideal for selling warranties. At the same time the consumer confirms their name, address, age group and normally their residential status as well.

Our sales leads have excellent contact rates and high talk time as the leads are very often collected via telephone surveys thus confirming the consumer is open to telemarketing.

Sky Warranty Leads

Sky Warranty

Our sky warranty sales leads and data are generated by asking the consumer a set of unique questions we have developed over the years. The best part about these warranty leads is their accuracy!

TV Warranty Leads

TV Warranty

Our TV warranty sales leads and data consist of the brand and age of the consumer’s main TV. It’s important we focus on their main TV as this is generally their most treasured TV in the home.

White Goods Warranty Leads

White Goods Warranty

White goods warranty leads can be for warranties on washing machines, refrigerators, tumble dryers, deep freezers, dishwashers and much more… Just let us know which ones you need!

Auto Warranty Leads

Auto Warranty

Our auto warranty sales leads consist of the make of car and also the age of the car. We also suggest adding an extra filter to make sure the consumer is the owner of the car too as this peaks conversions.

Boiler Warranty Leads

Boiler Warranty

Our boiler warranty sales leads consist of confirmation the consumer has a boiler and the brand of boiler. This is a very popular lead set now the winters have become so harsh!

To maximise your returns we suggest sharing feedback and dispositions with us on the data you buy from us so we can build the best lead sets possible for your team. We’ve found that even though you may be selling a similar product to our other clients, if we study your selling pattern and ‘tweak’ the data sets a little, it can result in even higher returns.

In our experience all teams are different so this is a bespoke profiling service we offer!

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