Tips and Observations

Having run many campaigns all over the world, we wanted to share some of our observations to get the most out of your campaigns and also best practices.

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A Guide for Higher Contact Rates
Our 3 part guide to getting higher contact rates when telemarketing will bring your attention to some simple techniques that are often overlooked. These techniques have been implemented in many teams around the world we have been involved with and they always yield results!

Splitting Lists into Batches before Dialling
A very simple technique to make sure you have fresh leads all week when you buy data weekly, monthly or in bulk.

The Importance of a Suppression File (Stop File)
Some clients use suppression files and some don’t but when you’re buying new data we’ve always found it beneficial to use a suppression file. Have a read and see what you think..

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Why profiled data works and the link

Simple dialler dispositions that make a big difference

How and when to recycle data

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