Dialler Strategy is an important part of outbound telemarketing however this is often managed badly resulting in a higher burn rate of the leads and a constant need for fresh leads. Often a dialler will run faster when it has fresh leads and give better contact rates.

When buying leads, they are often bought in large batches which will last for a week, 2 weeks or maybe even a month. The reason the leads are bought this way is to reduce the lead vendor’s output charge, lower the price by buying in bulk or simply to fit internal budgets.

This is all fine but when the leads are delivered you need to start thinking about your dialler strategy.

Definition of Fresh Leads

In this instance, the definition of fresh leads is a batch of leads that hasn’t been ‘collectively’ dialled before.

The fresh batch of leads gets a better contact rate throughout the whole day as it has a mix of prospects within it, people that are at home during the day and people that are at home during the evening.

Splitting your leads into packets is a good dialler strategy

A good dialler strategy is to make sure you have fresh leads ever day to dial, you need to split the main batch of leads into packets of leads. Basically, if you’ve bought one week’s worth of leads and you dial for 5 days a week, you would split your batch into 5 even packets.

When splitting the main batch, make sure you don’t filter it into ascending telephone numbers or areas as this will not make it randomly sorted and you will end up with packets of leads which are geographically biased. The best way I have found to make my batches randomly sorted is to add a column in excel and use the RAND command.


Split into Batches


Now you have fresh leads for each day of the week!

Make sure you always add the fresh packet of leads at the beginning of shift.

This type of dialler strategy is very basic however I am constantly surprised how many telemarketing companies don’t split their leads into packets before dialling and end up burning through vast quantities of unneeded leads.

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